Showbiz Group Pty Ltd ABN 32 162 067 156 owns and operates Showbiz OnDemand.

Showbiz Group also owns and operates Showbiz Cinemas Swan Hill, Ballarat and Portland in Victoria, Australia.

Showbiz Group is a passionate and well established operator within the Australian Cinema Exhibition Industry and has partnered with Screen Plus to now deliver a PVOD and VOD streaming service to our customers and a potentially expanded cinematic audience via the internet. Our view is that the VOD platform is complimentary to our existing “bricks and mortar” cinema locations and over time with the ever expanding film library we can deliver a convenient and more diverse choice of film genre than ever before.

We have always strived to be early adopters of new technology and evolve our customer experience.

If you wish to contact Showbiz Group please do so via the following means:

c/- PO Box 525w, BALLARAT WEST VIC 3350